Boilers and steam generators

Sopura has developed various solutions to tackle scale and corrosion issues:

  • Oxygen scavenging
  • Buffered pH alcalinisation
  • Hardness sequestration
  • CO2 neutralization
  • Purification techniques


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    Thanks to purification techniques, the optimization of blow down control, the follow up of your boiler efficiency and the search for the best balance between water, energy and chemicals, our engineers help your company to make substantial savings.

    Our solutions are fully compliant with chapter 21 CFR 173.310 of the FDA regulations regarding steam production.

    Automated dosage equipment ensures safe handling and accuracy in the dosage of chemicals for best efficiency.

    Sopura delivers comprehensive solutions with ready-to-use products (no need to mix or dilute) that reduce contact hazards and guarantees well balanced composition.