ave implemented a practical, on-going improvement system that applies to all of our activities:


  • our “Research & Development” department develops solutions which are both innovative and environmentally sound;
  • our goal is “zero tolerance” when it comes to protecting nature, health and safety. So, we organise on-site training for your members of staff to make them more aware of the environment, as well as the best processes for cleaning and disinfection;
  • we will provide you with comprehensive, accurate information about our products: handling, use, elimination, etc.
  • we are totally transparent when it comes to communicating with the public and the authorities;
  • we insist on an efficient system for the collection and recycling of empty packaging;
  • all of our products comply with ISO 9000: 2000 standards. We have also been awarded “Responsible Cleaning” and “Responsible Care” certification;
  • Sopura are member of the LCA for certified services (see enclosed certificate) listed on the LCA website.


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