The meat industry requires an extra high level of hygiene all through the process. Cleaning and disinfection are fundamental for public health and are regulated by strong regulations, but are also essential to the economic efficiency of your business. Cleaning & disinfection preserve the taste of you products, help maintaining your tools’ productivity, improve the preservation of your products and keep a positive image of your company.


Sopura is a worldwide first rate partner in creating and maintaining all conditions to ensure the best hygiene in your facilities and guarantee the safety of the future user of your products.

Sopura products comply with local regulations issued by veterinary authorities. We have set up a close monitoring of national and international legislation regarding food hygiene. Our sanitation programs are regularly updated and our customers are always assured to benefit from first rate advices and services.

Our experts have developed specific processes and programs for open plant cleaning (cleaning of external surfaces, slicing equipment, tables, walls, floors, …), washing machines (washing tunnels for boxes, knifes, trolleys, …) and cleaning in place (closed system to clean, rinse and sanitize equipments).

We offer various solutions and products for the treatment of water used in your processes and of effluents.

Sopura can also provide your company with cleaning and sanitizing products for handcare and equipment.


Assistance in microbiological hazard monitoring

Your company strives everyday to create and maintain all conditions to guarantee the safety of the future user of your finished product.

Sopura has developed tests and measurements to help you to assess the microbiological quality of your products at every step of the transformation process.
Sopura microbiological tests are quick and easy to use. From the raw ingredients to the end products, they help you to detect any microbiological hazard, to identify its source and set up the appropriate remedy.
Our sanitation experts bring your teams regular support to maintain the best hygiene conditions while improving the cost-efficiency of your processes.