Our engagements - Your benefits

Industrial Hygiene, what we do

Sopura are specialists in industrial cleaning and disinfection.

We work with many businesses in three main sectors:

We are also deeply involved in water treatment solutions for many industries in various sectors.

Our unique experience has been helping hundreds of clients for over 60 years.

This expertise is complemented by an original approach which focuses on three areas: performance, budget and the environment. To bring this industrial philosophy to life, we can rely on the professionalism of our teams and their combination of commercial, research & development and engineering skills. 



The performance and the efficiency of our solutions are a key priority for us. As well as responding to technological demands, this approach helps boost your productivity and improve the performance of your processes, by improving rinsability or the optimised contact time of our products for example.

It is with performance in mind that we develop our customised solutions, specially adapted to different industrial applications.   



More efficient processes guarantee businesses better financial performance. That’s why when we develop our solutions, we pay particular attention to the economic impact of all the different factors including manpower, cleaning time, water and energy consumption, and the consumption of chemicals. 



To reduce the environmental impact of an industrial process, you need to find sustainable, ecological solutions. By thinking about “sustainability” from the very early stages of product development, we are better equipped to face up to the ecological issues that are at stake.

For example, dry lubrication helps us reduce our water consumption. Our research into the biodegradability of products puts us in a better position to assess our impact on the quality of water.  


Our professionalism, your benefit


By combining the three objectives of performance, budget and the environment, our solutions will guarantee you real industrial sustainability.

This approach to the industry is applied day in day out by our members of staff specialising in applications, research & development and engineering.


Our technical-sales team

So that we can fully meet your needs, our applications team will develop a relationship with you over time, providing you with a personalised service as well as improved operational and financial performance. Overseeing your processes step by step, is itself a guarantee of improved performance, as is the training of your members of staff. And then the evaluation of your facilities will help us combine improved performance with respect for the environment. 


Our Research & Development team

Thanks to the work done by our science experts in our cutting edge laboratories, we develop innovative products and analysis and control tools. The results that we achieve help us put together the most effective solutions adapted to your needs, at the best possible price.  

We meticulously assess the performance of our solutions and their impact on the environment. To do this, we perform numerous tests and analyses, including validation of cleaning processes, micro-biological and chemical experiments, residue analysis, raw material testing and compatibility and lubrication tests.

This development work puts the sustainability of our solutions and the compliance of our end products firmly in the spotlight.


Our Engineering team


The expertise of our engineers is put to use developing effective solutions which guarantee the reliability and quality of your production process. These engineers have perfected the processes, and give you flexible, modular systems which meet your needs. They can provide systems for product handling and storage, clean-in-place (CIP) units, mousse product dispensers (satellite or mobile), cleaning systems and dosage and monitoring devices or lubrication systems, to name but a few.