Poultry abattoir

Sopura is the long term partner of many poultry processing companies worldwide for the sanitation and cleaning of their appliances.

We provide sanitation products and equipment from the chicken sheds (cleaning and disinfection to the shed between two cycles) to the packaging of the processed chicken meat.

Poultry abattoirs require a high level of hygiene. Types of dirtiness are various and ask for specific means of cleaning.


  • Proteins( mainly blood)
  • Lipids (fat)

Inorganic :

  • Salts (calcium precipitates)

There are also many sources of infection that have to be monitored and neutralized to keep the final products ‘quality intact:

  • Animal: skin, feathers, digestive tract, tissues… (risks of contamination via dangerous microorganisms such as E. coli, Salmonella, Listeria and viruses)
  • Tools, equipment and surfaces in contact with food
  • Floors (footwear)
  • Walls and roofs
  • Outlets
  • Air (Dust, splashes, spores …)
  • People (hygiene…)
  • Insects and rodents

The poultry industry shares the same challenges as other industries in the meat sectors, but also has its specific needs. Poultry processing requires more handling and thus extra hygiene from your employees.
Due to the small size of the animal and of the pieces of machinery used, cleaning of the equipment is often more difficult and specific solutions need to be provided. About 85% of the total cleaning cost comes from labour. Sopura products’ high efficiency helps your company to reduce cleaning time and reach significant cost savings.

Thanks to its extensive experience, Sopura has designed cleaning and sanitizing programs especially adapted to the different steps of poultry processing.

The conveying equipment benefits from specific cleaning solutions.

Sopura has developed a true expertise in the management of washing tunnels and can help you find the best combination of time, products and water for the most efficient cleaning of your equipment.


Assistance in microbiological hazard monitoring

Your company strives everyday to create and maintain all conditions to guarantee the safety of the future user of your finished product.

Sopura has developed tests and measurements to help you to assess the microbiological quality of your products at every step of the transformation process.
Sopura microbiological tests are quick and easy to use. From the raw ingredients to the end products, they help you to detect any microbiological hazard, to identify its source and set up the appropriate remedy.
Our sanitation experts bring your teams regular support to maintain the best hygiene conditions while improving the cost-efficiency of your processes.