Seafood industry has very specific cleaning & disinfection requirements.

Extra clean conditions and caution are necessary with the equipment in contact with seafood.

Sopura has cleaning and sanitizing programs especially adapted to the seafood sector.

Daily programs include 3 stages with specific products/solutions for each stage. Solutions are available for disinfection during production. We provide solutions to disinfect the large volume of rinsing water used in the seafood industry. End of week programs are designed for facilities and equipment, but also for immersion baskets, cutting tables, etc. Full disinfection by fogging is planned on a monthly basis.


Assistance in microbiological hazard monitoring

Your company strives everyday to create and maintain all conditions to guarantee the safety of the future user of your finished product.

Sopura has developed tests and measurements to help you to assess the microbiological quality of your products at every step of the transformation process.
Sopura microbiological tests are quick and easy to use. From the raw ingredients to the end products, they help you to detect any microbiological hazard, to identify its source and set up the appropriate remedy.
Our sanitation experts bring your teams regular support to maintain the best hygiene conditions while improving the cost-efficiency of your processes.