Vegetables processing depends mainly on the preservation method used at the end of the process.

Vegetables that will be canned are pre-cleaned, calibrated and sterilized. Scaling occurs and the equipment must be cleaned with descaling agents, either by CIP systems or OPC.

Frozen vegetables will be pre-cleaned and food grade antifoaming products added at the beginning of the process. The quick boiling vegetables are submitted to is a source of scaling problems and requires the usage of antiscaling products when cleaning.

Processing of vegetables for soups uses similar cleaning and sanitation programs with standard CIP systems and cleaning products.

Sopura has designed specific programs for pasteurization tunnels and aseptic filling systems.
We have also developed a complete range of lubricants for wet, hybrid or dry lubrication of conveyors.

Specific case: Potatoes, frozen potatoes, chips

The making of potato chips can be extra fouling. Starch cleaning requires continuous antifoam supply during slicing of potatoes.
Cleaning of the equipment used before the cooking step mainly uses descaling products, chlorine alkaline and peracetic.

The cooking equipment fouled by heavy fat depot is cleaned by one phase performant CIP.

The fryers also benefit from adapted OPC solutions.


Assistance in microbiological hazard monitoring

Your company strives everyday to create and maintain all conditions to guarantee the safety of the future user of your finished product.

Sopura has developed tests and measurements to help you to assess the microbiological quality of your products at every step of the transformation process.
Sopura microbiological tests are quick and easy to use. From the raw ingredients to the end products, they help you to detect any microbiological hazard, to identify its source and set up the appropriate remedy.
Our sanitation experts bring your teams regular support to maintain the best hygiene conditions while improving the cost-efficiency of your processes.