Water treatment


About every industry has to deal with water treatment related issues. The quality of the water used in your production processes is essential to the quality of your products, but also to the level of maintenance of the production equipment and your energy consumption. The environmental impact of waste water must also be monitored and treatment of effluents can require important resources from your company.

Sopura experts in water treatment can provide your business with first rate solutions.


We help your company to:

  • Reduce water and energy consumption
  • Minimize the detrimental effects of corrosion, scale deposits and general fouling of industrial water applications
  • Reduce the environmental impact of your business’ activities
  • Maximize the ROI of the implementation of our solutions by frequent monitoring and adjustment.

Our solutions can be adapted to every industrial application involving water treatment: steam generators and boilers, cooling systems, waste water management systems.

Sopura water treatment experts design solutions that are safe and easy to handle. They provide a continuous technical assistance to maintain your industrial application under optimal conditions: technical audits, regular technical follow up and quarterly reports.

Sopura can supply you with the needed chemicals as well as the equipment and advice to reach the solution best adapted to your needs and the most cost-efficient: purification techniques, dosage and regulation equipment.

We have various references in about every industrial sector worldwide: pharmaceutical plants, breweries, food & beverages industries, chemical plants, metallurgy and glass industries, power plants, …