Sopura has worked with the wine industry for many years. We have built our expertise on the everyday challenges met by winemakers, respecting both the product and the local, national and international regulations.

Our experts have developed specific cleaning and disinfecting programs for the grape reception and pressing equipment. If sanitation usually takes place before the beginning and at the end of the harvest campaign, week-end disinfection programs can be required. It benefits from especially engineered solutions.

Scaling on fermentation tanks is fought with combination of detartrating products.

Winestains on porous floors are often difficult to be removed but for the Sopura specific combination of Sopursol M+ and Puroxid.

Cleaning and disinfecting programs for filters and bottle fillers present the ideal combination of products, equipment and time for cost efficient sanitation.

Chain lubrication is essential to the speed as well as to the throughput of the filling lines. It also impacts health and safety, water and energy consumption and effluents quality.

Sopura offers different concepts of chain lubrication:

  • Optimized wet lube (most cost effective wet lube system)
  • Hybrid lube (also for stainless steel lines and glass bottles. It will save you about 80% of water consumption)
  • True dry lube (plastic lines)