As ‘The’ reference in the brewing Industry for providing Total Cleaning & Sanitation Solutions, we distinguish ourselves via the extreme high level of expertise and knowhow of our people, built up over more than 70 years in more than 100 countries.

Discover in the following chapters the innovative solutions Sopura can bring you to improve the efficiency and sustainability of the sanitation processes in your brewing activities.

Sopura solutions are designed to optimize the overall efficiency of your brewhouse via innovative proven technologies.

Our experts have cleaning and sanitation solutions covering all process steps of your brewing process in the brewhouse. These are fully compliant with your equipment suppliers’ requirements.

We can provide you hygiene concepts and total approach solutions with CIP dedicated to the brewhouse (warm block) as well as specific solutions for certain process applications.

Sopura also takes care of your utilities, water – and steam treatment, corrosion and scale protection up to energy usage.

We provide multiple products and services for the cleaning and sanitation of your production housekeeping (floors, walls, etc… ).

Sopura - Sustainable hygiene solutions - 2019

Tank farm

The fermenting block or cold block is a strategic step of the brewing process.

During the fermentation organic and inorganic deposits are formed and can alter the quality of your products. If not completely removed by the cleaning process, these foulings will leave an unsanitary surface that can harbour microorganisms.

Sopura has developed for many years its expertise in the cleaning and sanitation of tank farms, appendixes and pipework.

Yeast management

Yeast is one of the most precious ingredients for your brewery. It must be handled with most care and the equipment involved must be looked after very closely.

The quality of cleaning and hygiene solutions required for this step of the brewing process is amongst the most critical. Sopura therefore provides carefully designed hygiene concepts and total approach solutions for yeast handling. Our products fulfill local and international regulations (EU, EPA, FDA).

Sopura engineers have developed optimized combinations of the most efficient products and equipments to clean and sanitize yeast propagation and yeast storage tanks. These solutions provide a healthy yeast and good tasting beer.

Filtration and stabilization

The way of purifying, blending and filtering determine the flavor stability and quality of the beer. For many years, Sopura has developed experience and knowledge in the process of filtration to ensure the best product quality & efficiency. Along with the equipment suppliers, Sopura has designed the most efficient concepts (products and processes) to clean and sanitize the various types of filters.

BBT and Road tanker

Storage time, transfer conditions and CO2 management have a strong impact on the quality of the final product.

Sopura has pioneered one phase cleaning and sanitation of BBT under CO2 atmosphere and pressure. We recommend the separation of CIP for filtered and non filtered beer.

Our products’ components are beer natural and non oxidizing sanitizers which enhance beer flavor stability. The one phase process (cleaning and disinfection products) brings water, energy and time savings.

Sopura - Sustainable hygiene solutions - 2019Lubrication is essential to the speed as well as to the throughput of the filling lines. It also impacts health and safety, water and energy consumption and effluents quality.

Sopura offers different concepts

  • Optimized wet lube (most cost effective wet lube system)
  • Hybrid lube (also for stainless steel lines and glass bottles. It will save you about 80% of water consumption
  • True dry lube (plastic lines)
A large portfolio of additives for bottle washing is proposed with a perfect match between bottle protection against corrosion and cleaning performance. Specific equipments and chemistry are available to mask heavily scuffed bottles, allowing a new branding of your bottle without high CAPEX investments.Sopura - Sustainable hygiene solutions

Sopura offers different technologies and products for pasteurizer treatment against biofilm formation with tailor-made solutions for local specific situations, BPR registered. A precise and detailed monitoring of chemistry allows the perfect match between biofilm protection, corrosion protection and water management. Oxidizing and non-oxidizing solutions are available and could be discussed.

SOPURA foaming products remove mineral deposits and organic soils from surfaces, floors and equipments (filler, rinser, conveyors,…). These products can be used with our manual or automatic system (System cleaner -> cf engineering) for cleaning and disinfection.

Sopura - Sustainable hygiene solutions

Sopura - Sustainable hygiene solutions

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