Sustainability and Innovation

Sustainable development

Our priority, a cleaner environment

Since the very beginning, Sopura has assumed a responsible attitude to reduce the environmental impact of its activities. This environmentally-friendly focus translates to concrete actions, from product development through to their packaging.

Our commitment to the planet is borne out by the internal coordination programme, “Product Stewardship”, “Responsible Care” and “Responsible Cleaning”. We also pay particular attention to the biodegradability of our products.

Furthermore we have a thorough knowledge of REACH and BPR and comply fully with the rules in force, guaranteeing the safety of chemical substances, especially biocides. These safety principles are also of great benefit to our clients outside the European Union!

We have implemented a practical, on-going improvement system that applies to all of our activities:

  • our “Research & Development” department develops solutions which are both innovative and environmentally sound;
  • our goal is “zero tolerance” when it comes to protecting nature, health and safety. So, we organize on-site training for your members of staff to make them more aware of the environment, as well as the best processes for cleaning and disinfection;
  • we will provide you with comprehensive, accurate information about our products: handling, use, elimination, etc.
  • we are totally transparent when it comes to communicating with the public and the authorities;
  • we insist on an efficient system for the collection and recycling of empty packaging;
  • our quality system complies with  ISO 9001: 2015 standards. We have also been awarded “Responsible Cleaning” and “Responsible Care” certification.

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No risks, only results

Our philosophy at Sopura is to develop innovative solutions that give performant answers to your specific needs, are cost-efficient and sustainable.
To bring this industrial philosophy to life, we can rely on the professionalism of our teams and their combination of commercial, research and development and engineering skills.
Our original E³-Innovation program summarizes our pursuit of Sustainability and Continuous Improvement process.

Sopura - Sustainable hygiene solutions


  • Cost optimization : water, energy, chemicals, labor
  • Integrated systems & programmes
  • Improvement of “product application cost/efficiency” ratio
  • Logistics …


  • Water, energy, product consumption
  • Biodegradability
  • COD
  • Product stewardship
  • CO2 & H2O footprint …


  • Structured approach instead of curative
  • Create, implement proven technology & best practices
  • Professional & transparent knowledge transfer
  • First time right and quality oriented
  • Proactivity, ownership, iniative, …
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